Microsoft Teams Troubleshooting Tips

When you can't mute or unmute during a video conference on MS Teams. Describes how to solve problems such as not hearing voice or not hearing this voice
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QUADERNO Troubleshooting Tips

I'm glad if I stand up quickly when you're in trouble with QUADERNO
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Quaderno its writing impression

The writing taste of the QUADERNO stylus pen can be replaced with the replacement nib of the Sony digital paper stylus pen. You can change the writing taste. 2way
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From Initial setup to Upload and Download PDF files
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Purchased QUADERNO A4 Size (Stylus Pen included)

I will purchase QUADERNO A4 size, how big? how much weight? Stylus Pen already included?
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Decide to purchase QUADERNO

Which is the best Digital paper... I decided to purchase QUADERNO. Reflective typed display, good for eyes, handling PDF(highly versatile format) that can fit any environment of device.