Purchased QUADERNO A4 Size (Stylus Pen included)

I decided to purchase QUADERNO, but there are two types of products

What size is the best? → of course A4!

I choose the A4 size without hesitation.
Paper notebooks and notepads that I’m using are also A4 size.
If I choose A5 size one It is slightly covered with iPad.

If you have it, you don’t need the A4 notebooks you’ve been carrying with you. I want to hope for the convenience that can be obtained after that….

Display area
A4 Size 224mmx302.6mm Approx.
200mm x 270mm
210mm x 297mm
A5 Size 174.2mm x 243.5mm Approx.
160mm x 200mm
148mm x 210mm

The weight is light

The weight of the A4 size (0.77 lb.) is a little heavier than the iPad mini (0.66 lb.) .
It is not an exception to say that it is light considering the ratio that becomes heavier as the size increases.

Stylus pen is included? → Included

When I purchase it, I was very nervous whether stylus pen is included.
Because the any information of the bundled product are not written on the homepage and the sales site.
In addition, I got lost because the stylus pen alone is displayed as a recommended product on a common sales site or as a thing purchased together. It costs close to 10,000 yen 、、、 and I thought about unnecessary things like “I was convinced” is described in the online instructions (standard attachment)

Thanks to this description, I could realize that I don’t have to pay more 10,000 yen to purchase an extra stylus pen.

I will purchase it immediately.