Quaderno its writing impression

Writing taste Digital Paper
like this! (Its writing taste)

QUADRNO’s Stylus Pen

Quaderno’s stylus pen that the actual weight is about 0.36lb.
(almost the same as the specifications), Its feeling is that is handling right-weight ballpoint pen.

It is heavier than a pencil.

It is rechargeable (microUSB), and the charging time seems to vary depending on the charger.
In my case, it takes about 2 hours with a charger with multiple USB ports.


Wobble (fluffy) of the nib

The nib also serves as a switch (like a thing), and it seems to be in a state where the character is put after there is a light sinking.
This is hard to get used to me as a beginner…. It seems that it will take some time to get used to it (it is not necessary to be too strong) with a certain amount of pen pressure.


Stylus nib



Writing taste of QUADERNONot so good…. But

Well, as a feeling of writing with a pen on paper, it is far from the real.

The first impression of writing taste is the closest that it feels to writing on paper with the ultra-fine nib Marker.




Writing taste

The writing taste is like writing on paper with ultra-fine magic

There are improvement measures!

But it can be improved enough!

The nib that comes with the standard was expecting a writing taste that was closer to reality than when I felt it when I used it、、、 but I feel that the paper catching is stronger.

Do I have something another solution??


I want a variation in the replacement nib, but fujitsu made is only one choice.


However, when I looked it up on the Internet, it was said that it was compatible with the replacement nib of the stylus pen of SONY’s digital paper, and I decided to try a replacement nib to the one made by SONY.


The replacement nibs available at QUADERNO are as follows, compared to Fujitsu nib.


Fujitsu SONY
Felt Felt Pom
(Marker on paper)
※Low abrasion resistance

Same writing taste
(Marker on paper)
※ Low abrasion resistance

More slippery feeling

※abrasion resistance high

I feel better using SONY’s POM replacement nib.

However the real feeling as below,


  • Put more copy paper on QUADERNO and use a MPO replacement core from the top to make it a more ideal situation.
  • The material of the display part should be a little softer?
  • Quaderno the material on the its back feels easier to write instead of its display. 🙂


This time, I bought  replacement nibs to try, so I increased it extra….

The replacement core is expensive! About 2,000 yen for a set of 10 pieces.