QUADERNO Troubleshooting Tips

Most of the troubles are described in the “Utilization Guide” (Japanese only),
The troubleshooting knowledges that are not written in Utilization Guide.
※It is scheduled to be posted irregularly.


There is one thing to do first in all troubleshooting

  • Quaderno body, stylus pen needs to charge!

The handwriting of the pen and the letters are out of alignment <Very Rare Case>

Possible causes

At the time of initial setting, it seems that the recognized setting result is wrong by adjusting the position of the nib (trial writing).

What to do

Try the initial settings again. ← In my case, this almost improved

A line that is wavy (especially an oblique line) <Very Rare Case>

Possible causes

At the beginning of the first use after initial setup, I encountered it only once, but now it is unknown why I do not encounter it at all, but in experience, the following two points

  • The user’s writing habits don’t fit the current settings
  • Low Battery Level

What to do

  1. Make sure you charge the battery
  2. Restart QUADERNO
  3. Settings→ SystemSettings → Pen Calibration
    setting the main unit setting and adjusting the position of the pen tip
  4. [If it does not fix even if you implement 3]
    Take a backup→ main body setting→ Initialize this unit again, setting including writing habits


If it still happens even after the above, please try the following two points


  • Go back to the initial settings, set a different cariblation setting once from your writing habit to review the writing habits, try to return to the original setting after some trial writing
  • Your writing habits and writing habit settings may not match, so if you don’t want to improve trying another setting that’s close to the writing habit you’ve chosen so far, try returning to the original settings

The response of the character writing is bad <Often Case>

Possible causes

It often occurs due to lack of batteries (especially stylus pens).

What to do

  1. Charging the stylus pen
  2. Check the battery level of quaderno
  3. (If there is no battery level of the main unit) charging of the main unit

Toolbar are hard to see <Very often Case especially cold, dry climate>

Possible causes

As you can feel after using QUADERNO, the response (reaction) of the device itself is not very good.
Because it is called a digital notebook dedicated machine, the writing response is not so bad.


As a rule of thumb, QUADERNO is a capacitive touch panel depending on the reaction of the touch with the finger, so it does not respond to static electricity or operation during drying in winter.
Phenomena are likely to occur when operating outdoors in winter.

What to do

The most effective (rule of thumb) was to keep the fingertips feeling some moisture as much as possible.
Apply hand cream (for moisturizing purposes) and moisture to your fingertips.
(I used stationery “finger wetting” at times.)

Once the toolbar is opened, you can operate it with a stylus pen, so it is better to use a stylus pen.


Text doesn’t look as well as handwriting <Rare Case>

Possible causes

The cause is unknown, but it seems that the surrounding characters that are not displayed neatly are affecting it.

What to do

Erase and rewrite, including the surrounding characters. ← I improved with this