Decide to purchase QUADERNO

QUADERNO looks good deal

Electronic paper QUADERNO from Fujitsu seemed to be a good deal, so I decided to purchase it.

I was worried about which was better than that of SONY, but I thought about the following and chosed QUADERNO.

  • Price (about 5,000 yen cheaper than SONY)
  • They have some Downloadable templates (free content)
    Schedules, note templates, etc.
  • Inter-operability with ScanSnap( also Fujitsu made(scanner))
    Transfer PDF files from ScanSnap to QUADERNO directly
  • Works with MAC (of course, it can also work with Windows)
    You can sync files with a dedicated app

The performance of it, It seems as same as SONY
(the appearance and the type of the pen seem to be exactly the same)
The color on the back side is different (QUADERNO is white)

Official Website
※ For some reason, safari on MAC does not display correctly. Chrome browser is displayed.

The road to purchase

Good writing taste (I felt particular about the material of the nib and display)

Not to go as far as e-paper, but I’ve been writing notes using the iPad mini and Apple Pencil (first generation).
The combination of the iPad and Apple Pencil certainly doesn’t compare to QUADERNO, even now that my ratings are the best.
When I write it, the handwriting is reflected, and the response is not a problem at all.
However, the writing taste is a hard plastic-like nib on a smooth display, so slip on the slide
It is very difficult to write readable (beautiful) characters.

Recently, I’ve been using the iPad’s with Japanese IME software mazec to write instead of typing.
Then, I wanted something that was a little more catchy or hard to slip.

Display (reflective e-ink)

It’s very different from the iPad mini I use, and it’s an e-paper. The big differences are:
If QUADERNO is the same display type as the iPad, I did not purchase it never.
Each has its advantages and disadvantages, so it cannot be said that which is better.

iPad (Transparent Type) Transmission Type Reflects and blocks light from the light source on the back of the screen
QUADERNO (Reflective Type) Reflected external light (external light such as electric light or natural light) as a light source, and displayed by its reflection

Article digitization (PDF support)

PDF is the only format QUADERNO supported. PDF can be expected to be used in various ways by making PDF-ized and articles edited and printed (PDF).

I expect QUADERNO to follow

  • Handwritten comments and markings on articles that have already been converted to PDF
  • Convert your handwritten notes to PDF
  • Handwritten notes can also be searched by OCR and digitized (our seriously expecting)
  • Connect with your computer or Scan Snap using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth